OpenSea Launches Sol-Based NFT Product for Creators to Mint New Projects from Scratch

July 21, 2022, 10:17 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

Three months after OpenSea enabled support for Solana, the non-fungible token marketplace is kicking off its Solana launchpad to allow users to mint new projects from scratch.

According to an official blog post, OpenSea is looking forward to a “multi-chain future” with the introduction of the Solana launchpad. The platform will reportedly guide users throughout the process of pre-mint activity, allowlist minting for early supporters, and post-mint and secondary sales:

Multi-Chain Future for OpenSea Users

Most members of the OpenSea community were excited to see the integration of Solana into the marketplace, considering NFTs on the Solana ecosystem are popular and have generated considerable sales volumes in the past few months.

We believe in a multi-chain future where people on OpenSea have access to NFTs across a vast number of blockchains. In the last year, Solana has emerged among the top blockchains for NFTs, and we share their vision of a scalable and inclusive NFT ecosystem.

OpenSea blog post

On April 29, Solana-based NFT collection Okay Bears generated over US$18 million in trading volume, flipping Any Rivals volume on its first day.

There are already a handful of Sol-based NFT projects on OpenSea’s launchpad available for minting, including Zoonies and Monkai NFTs:

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