Natmin Pure Escrow announced partnership with DE Asset Management Limited

August 24, 2018, 4:54 PM AEST - 3 years ago

Natmin Pure Escrow, a decentralized application for Escrow Services, yesterday announced its partnership with DE Asset Management Limited, a Venture Capital Investment firm. The long-term partnership gives Natmin access to resources and expertise that will aid it in its token creation and Blockchain Escrow Services.

DE Asset Management Limited is a Canadian based Venture Capital Investment firm whose major focus is on Blockchain Technology and the Cryptocurrency Industry. They are leaders in the Canadian Cryptocurrency space, and have helped to raise over $45 million for the ICOs they work with since August 2017.

Natmin Pure Escrow is using Blockchain Technology to revolutionize the Escrow world. By utilizing Smart Contracts to implement and regulate Escrow transactions, Natmin allows buyers and sellers to complete their transactions securely, in a timely manner, and with extremely low fees.

"We invested in Natmin Because it represents a real business on the blockchain, a pure and dedicated Escrow service. A service that this team specializes in and a service that is not just used but is needed by professionals, both in developed and developing countries. Escrow services are needed internationally", said Darrell Emmanuel, President of DE Asset Management Limited.

"What makes Natmin stand out from other ICOs as well is that they already have a Demo platform, which is an answer to the proof of concept question, always raised by Venture Capitalist like us," he continued.

"Everyone at Natmin Pure Escrow are very excited in our partnership with DE Asset Management. Darrell and his team of professionals have years of experience in investment and asset management," said Founder of Natmin Pure Escrow Daniel Jaco Swanepoel. "We strongly believe they will be a valuable asset for our organization and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

Natmin Pure Escrow's TGE (Token Generating Event) has started, with the Presale offering a limited supply of 40,000,000 tokens with 45% bonus. The Public Sale begins on 1st September and runs until 30th September, offering an additional 200,000,000 tokens with a tiered bonus structure.

For more information about Natmin Pure Escrow, or to become a partner, please visit or review the Whitepaper.

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