Multi-Crypto Purchases Sent Directly To Your External Wallets via Easy Crypto

September 25, 2020, 2:00 PM AEST (updated September 30, 2020)

Multi-coin ordering to multiple wallet addresses

If you’re a crypto portfolio investor for long term then this service could be very useful for you to top-up some coins easily all in one buy process.

  1. Select your coins & buy amounts
  2. Enter your external wallet addresses
  3. Coins delivered directly to you
Select your coins and amounts
Enter your blockchain wallet addresses
Coins delivered to your external wallet

Safety considerations when buying & storing cryptos

It is important to Stay safe when buying cryptocurrencies and knowing where to store them safely off exchange in a hardware device is paramount to keeping the cryptos under your control – where you control the private key. Some exchanges offer direct buying and send the coins directly to your wallet – Easy Crypto AU is one of those exchanges.

Easy Crypto multi-coin buying process

We have written a full guide on How to Buy Crypto with Easy Crypto in Australia which shows you step by step how to do multi-coin buying process step by step.

About Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto was originally started in New Zealand, and now has expanded into Australia. They are one of the safest options as they do not hold your cryptocurrencies for you – they send it straight to your external wallet. You can buy 35+ different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

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