MCO Debit Cards have finally arrived in Australia!

Sunday 4 December 2019, 4:56 PM AEST - 7 months ago

29 November 2019 - After several years of waiting, the MCO Debit Cards have finally arrived in Australia! 

mco crypto visa card australia

Formerly known as Monaco, the newly branded company has finally delivered on thier Crypto VISA Debit Cards in Australia. The cards started ariving in early November and crypto entusiasts have been starting to use them to buy goods and services. The MCO card is essentally a prepaid debit card that works anywhere that accepts VISA including EFTPOS and online.

The card is managed via the App which holds both cryptocurrencies and fiat money, allowing you to freely transfer between both crypto and fiat seemlessly within the app. It provides the ability to transfer your cryptocurrency directly to your App's crypto wallet and from there transfer to AUD ready to be spent.

There are also several different card tier levels which offer increasing benefits such as upto 5% cashback, free spotify and netflix rebates which are instantly deposited into your MCO crypto wallet. It seems the Ruby card is the most popular which requires 50 MCO to be purchased and locked up for 6 months (currently equivalent to approximately $250 AUD). After the 6 months you can continue to stake your 50 MCO or unlock it and it's available to you.

It's great to see great products and services like this to allow crypto enthusiasts around Australia be able to utilise their crypto in everyday life.

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