LunarCRUSH Crypto Social Sentiment Data Tools Launches for Traders

Tuesday 02 March 2021, 3:00 PM AEST - 1 month ago

A new website called LunarCRUSH has launched, tracking social metrics around cryptocurrencies – often linked to price movements.

We’ve reviewed some of the functionality that could be appealing for investors and traders. Here is what we found most insightful.

Twitter volumes for coins

The Twitter Volumes metric could be useful for spotting frequently-mentioned coins on Twitter. It is also possible to compare that with another metric, like the overall social engagement within the considered period.

Social Engagement vs Twitter Volumes for Cryptos over the past month

Coin social engagement

The Coin social engagement metrics and graphs could come handy for tracking the social engagement of a specific coin over time.

Ravencoin (RVN) social engagement over the past 3 months

Top scoring social media posts

The Most Popular Social Media Posts functionality retrieves stories from several social media platforms, allowing to conveniently filter by crypto symbol.

Top scoring social media posts

Market volume top coins

The Market volume top coins metric ranks coins by market volumes over the selected period.

Market volume top coins

About LunarCRUSH

LunarCRUSH delivers community insights to crypto investors, funds, and exchanges. Through research applications and API’s, it provides real-time data that may help make informed crypto investment decisions.

You can find out more on their LinkedIn page.

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