Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Useful Links

Crypto Economic Data Links:

  • FRED - Federal Reserve Economic Data - shows a graph of current supply of USD.
  • – Table showing the current Bitcoin holdings of Public Companies.
  • – Graph showing the current Bitcoin supply flow and next halving date.
  • – Table showing the staking rewards of various coins.
  • BitcoinOpenInterest – Table & Graphs showing the Open Interest (OI) in Bitcoin Futures.
  • – Table showing the top 100 richest Bitcoin blockchain addresses.
  • – Map showing crypto adoption in a heatmap.
  • – Current Bitcoin Transaction Fees.
  • – Geolocations of Bitcoin Core nodes running worldwide.
  • – The DeFi coins marketcap index stats.
  • – Shows live big on-chain crypto transactions.

Crypto Safety Links:

Crypto Events Links: