Lex Exchange sets its sights on the international marketplace

April 02, 2019, 4:24 PM AEST - 2 years ago

Since its launch in mid-2018, Lex Exchange’s unique business model of powerful simplicity has proven to be a hit with the Australian marketplace. On the back of this success, the team at Lex is excited to announce that it will be amending its existing customer policy to allow for the onboarding of international customers as of mid-April 2019.

CEO Dean Marjanovic, CTO Ting Yuen and GM Martin Asher, have come together and merged their passion for cryptocurrency with their professional experience in the foreign exchange (FX) and banking sectors. They embarked on the delivery of a next level cryptocurrency exchange platform for the Australian market and within 8 months launched the first version of Lex Exchange in May 2018.

“We saw a gap in the Australian Cryptocurrency Marketplace. The customer service was inefficient at the time and people were demanding more. While reflecting on our vast experience in dealing with stock brokers and FX trading houses, we saw an opportunity to leverage that in a way that would benefit the crypto community,” CEO Dean recounts.

Lex Exchange is unique in the way its platform is designed. In alignment with the Lex ethos “Crypto for Everyone”, the platform is simple enough for the first time buyer, yet powerful enough to satisfy the seasoned trader. All bolstered by an attentive customer support team and lightning fast deposit/withdrawal approvals.

At the ten year mark, cryptocurrency has not slowed down. It is constantly evolving and cementing blockchain technology as a future platform for global financial transactions and monetary value. What has not been built yet is transparency, accessibility and clarity on a major scale. This lack of basic understanding is what people desire for crypto to progress and gain mainstream acceptance. It is something many in the crypto space are working to deliver. With our vast experience across all financial markets, along with our passion for crypto and the positive change we believe it can make to our society, our aim is to play a key role in the mass adoption of this new technology.

“Cryptocurrency still appears to be a largely misunderstood product with so many platforms only offering advanced trade screens. We believe that for the less initiated, trading crypto can be fun and simple as well. While we do offer a world class product for seasoned traders, Lex Exchange is also on a mission to help people who are crypto curious get the information they need to understand how to get involved. It also gives them the tools to actually make it happen,” says Dean.
Martin adds; “We want to debunk the myths and demystify the madness. We’re opening this up to the rest of the world. It’s Crypto for Everyone.”

Taking a customer-led approach, Lex Exchange always puts simplicity first, while at the same time backing that up with an advanced backend to ensure a highly secure and seamless experience for the customer. Anyone can go from sign up to making their first trade in a matter of minutes, inclusive of wallet addresses, for some of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies. All set up and piloted by a dedicated team, with industry-leading management procedures at no additional cost.

Sign up for a free account today at www.lex.exchange

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