Justin Sun Steps Down as CEO of Tron Foundation to Join Grenada Government

December 21, 2021, 10:15 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

Tron founder Justin Sun has left his CEO position at the Tron Foundation to get involved in politics. To be more specific, he’s joining the Grenadian Government to serve as Ambassador.

Sun Still Involved with Tron Community

While Sun has left his position as CEO at Tron, he will remain involved with its community now that the Tron network has been officially decentralised.

On July 25, the Tron Foundation settled to dissolve itself, with the three super nodes associated with Sun having been retired from the network. This leaves the 27 Super Representatives (block producers) in charge of the network, which the community will have to choose by next year.

Now Sun is seeking to expand blockchain adoption by governments starting with Grenada, as he obviously thinks the Caribbean island nation is a good starting point.

The TRX currency didn’t react so well after the event, however. The token was down -2.72 percent on the news, and -25.93 in the last month, according to data from Messari. Despite the negative numbers, Sun believes the impact of the Tron community will be positive in the long run, boosting TRX to new heights.

This is not the first time Tron has been in hot water. Previously, Sun was caught shilling the TRX token, trying to get a popular YouTuber and influencer to promote the crypto on his social channels.

Crypto Community in Doubt

The crypto community had a mixed reaction to the news, with some wondering what will happen to the Tron network and others signalling it as “absurd”.

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