Important Crypto Dates This Month – May 2021

May 03, 2021, 3:30 PM AEST - 4 months ago

In this article we take a look at important Crypto dates and events happening in this month.

The selected events include Hard Forks, Partnerships, Announcements, Rebranding, Exchange Listings, Releases, Token Swaps, Important Airdrops, Conferences and more.

Crypto News Partner Events and Announcements

1 MayCoinjar recently released 9 new tokens on their exchangeIt was CoinJar’s 8th Birthday last week.
1 MaySwyftx launched a new portfolio trackerYou can now view your real time Profit / Loss status, across all your holdings, in one place via the navigation panel on your Swyftx account
2 MayBinance Systems upgrade completeBinance Australia has completed the scheduled system upgrade.
5 GamesPragmatic Drops & Wins promotion (A$ 3,000,000) Starts, with top Pragmatic games available to play

Important Cryptocurrency Events

3 MayEqual (EQL)BSC IntegrationEQL is coming to binance smart chain Mainnet on Monday may 3rd
3 MayCardstarter (CARDS)IDO LaunchCardStarter is excited to announce our partnership with SoMee, the second IDO to launch through our platform.
4 MayGenesis Vision (GVT)GV liquidity BSC launch programsGenesis Vision Protocol launch Programs with GV Liquidity on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
4 MayDecentraland (MANA)Liquid Summer by PlayboyPlayboy’s first-ever NFT collection, Liquid Summer by Playboy x Slime Sunday is coming to Nifty Gateway May 4th
5 MayUniswap (UNI)Uniswap V3Mainnet Launch Is Scheduled for May 5, with a Scalable Optimism L2 Deployment Set to Follow Soon After
5 MayPumaPay (PMA)PumaPay V3 AnnouncementPumPay V3.0 will be the most advanced DeFi payment solution; Subscriptions & other billing models, extreme performance optimization & more
6 MaySyscoin (SYS)Big AnnouncementBe watching on the 6th of May at 3pm UTC. We will make one of our biggest announcements this year
7 MayBasketCoin (BSKT)Thunder WeekBasketCoin Thunder week – 7 days of constant promotions with influencers, AMA’s, news and events regarding BasketCoin project.
12 MaySingularityNET (AGI)SDAO AirdropToday We Would Like to Formally Clarify How Our Loyal AGI Token Holding Community Can Receive Community Dedicated Airdropped SDAO Tokens.
15 MaySmartKey (SKEY)SmartKey TestnetTestnet is the step forward to create dedicated #SmartKey blockchain connecting Blockchain of Things technology with 2nd Generation Oracle
15 MayVenus (XVS)VRT and NFT AirdropThe Venus $VRT Airdrop as part of the v2 upgrade will be on May 15th
20 May PancakeTools (TCAKE)Platform Mainnet LaunchFull launch of Pair and Pool Explorer on Binance Smart Chain to allow users control trading on PancakeSwap
21 May Studnet Coin (STC)Global Exchange ListingStudent Coin has many listings this month
31 May Cardano (ADA)Alonzo TestnetHoskinson claimed that the testnet would launch at the end of April or in early May. And this may include AdaPay release
31 May Reef Finance (Reef)Reef Chain MainnetReef Chain Mainnet : The Blockchain for Next-Gen DeFi DApps — Coming in May
31 MayTerra Virtua Kolect (TVK)Secret ProjectSomething not seen before in the NFT space. A fantastic little bit of engineering and a new use case for NFTs. Launching in May, 2021

Upcoming Crypto & Blockchain Conferences

May 3 – 7Boston Blockchain Week 2021OnlineBoston Blockchain Week is back, this year in virtual format, bringing together founders, academics, and investors from around the globe for conversations about NFTs, DeFi, payments, institutional adoption of crypto assets, data, and more
May 6 – 7 Ethereal Virtual SummitOnlineEthereal Virtual Summit is the global destination for blockchain technologists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors working towards the decentralization and democratization of data
May 9 -12 Reimagine 2021OnlineREIMAGINE 2021 conference series is back with a new theme: “State of the Artchain
May 19 – 20Digital Securities and Tokenization Summit 2021OnlineThe purpose of the summit is to inform and inspire delegates about new opportunities with blockchain technology in the financial industry
May 20 -21Polkadot Decoded 2021OnlineAll things Polkadot is back for a second edition
May 24- 27 Consensus 2021OnlineConsensus by CoinDesk unites professionals across the globe for an immersive virtual experience aimed at exploring the evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. One of the largest events of the year!
May 25 – 27 Digital Currency Summit 2021OnlineDigital Currency Summit will gather 47 of THE TOP digital currency experts on the planet.

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