How CryptoAdSolution is Redefining Crypto Advertising on the Internet

August 27, 2018, 10:40 AM AEST - 3 years ago

(August 22, 2018) — The future of crypto advertising is on everyone’s mind in the community, with big advertisers clamping down on promotions of cryptocurrency related projects. Generating traffic to both existing and new projects has therefore become a struggle. CryptoAdSolution is a new advertising platform that has taken up the challenge and has introduced new solutions.

Apart from the blockages, another major issue with current crypto advertising is that it attracts a somewhat generic audience, and leads to waste of money and effort. CryptoAdSolution addresses both the issues with its huge marketing ecosystem built through crypto partners and collaborations. Its advertising packages result in accurate targeting as well as pooling together of disparate target groups and traffic sources. Another highlight of CryptoAdSolution is that it is self-sustaining. The customer is both a buyer of ads as well as a consumer.

With many years of experience in the field of marketing, advertising and a solid foundation in the crypto industry, we began to address the challenges of crypto advertising, and to promote and disseminate this movement,” says a spokesperson for CryptoAdSolution.

The venture was conceptualized in mid-2017, followed by development work on the Stratis blockchain, with smart contract features implemented in C#. Master nodes were added to bring security and stability. From a sole platform for crypto advertising, to the concept of a proprietary blockchain based cryptocurrency, CADS, which is soon to go on pre-sale, the platform expanded to include work on a global marketplace and AdExchange, as well as a parallel mobile platform.

It is important to understand that a cryptocurrency, CADS, has arisen here, which has a real connection from day 1. There is a real equivalent that this currency provides – real world advertising in an authentic crypto community,” said the spokesperson.

CADS, with a total supply of 100 million, is accompanied by advertisement packages and master nodes. The advertising and cost reimbursement features have gone live, and the crypto community finally has a currency they can start using to pay as well as earn through ad shares.

CryptoAdSolution aims to take the crypto advertising industry to the levels it deserves. The platform offers a complete suite of features that are meant to offer transparency and flexibility – a token, master nodes, a staking system, delivery platform, affiliate plans, B2B solutions, a marketplace and an app for generating mobile traffic.

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