What Can You Buy With Bitcoin In Australia?

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin In Australia?

You may have many Bitcoins to spend, but what can you actually buy withBitcoin in Australia? There are a variety of goods and services that you can spend your Bitcoins on and these consist of restaurants, shops, nightlife, and many others. Bitcoin’s adoption is growing at a rapid rate in Australia as there are several Bitcoin ATMs all across the country. There are many more things you can purchase with Bitcoin in Australia and I will inform you of them in this guide.


There are many restaurants all over the world that are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. So, you can actually spend your Bitcoin to purchase a meal at a fancy restaurant. Australia has an extensive range of restaurants that accept Bitcoin such as The Kodiak Club, Green Peppercorn, and many more. In addition to this, there are even cafés that are accepting Bitcoin as payment, for example, the Third Wave Café. So, you can just grab a cup of coffee on the go and pay in Bitcoin. All the restaurants have their own unique taste and they all accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. If you want to find out more on what restaurants accept Bitcoin, then please refer to this guide here.

Flights and Hotels

One of the largest online booking agencies is CheapAir and they have started acceptingBitcoin as a form of payment since February 2014. CheapAir has partnered with Bitpay to accept Bitcoin transactions. In addition to this, you can book hotels and flights with Bitcoins. However, they only cryptocurrency they accept as of now, is Bitcoin. They are planning to implement more additional digital currencies including, Dash, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


You can even spend your Bitcoins on a couple drinks in the bar or other nightlife experiences in Australia. In Sydney, there is a bar called the Spawn Point. This bar has gaming consoles and a wide range of drinks and food. You will also be able to pay in Bitcoin. Another place called GlowGolf that is located in Melbourne, where you can play miniature golf in the dark, with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. You can also purchase drinks there as well and of course, they accept Bitcoin.

Gaming and Movies

You can even buy games and movies with Bitcoin in Australia. As Microsoft have been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment since December 2014. The way it works is that you will deposit Bitcoin into your Microsoft account and then you can purchase the apps, games, and movies with the App store or Xbox store. However, you will only be able to purchase games, movies, and apps with Bitcoin meaning that you will not be allowed to buy items from the Microsoft online store. Microsoft is partnered up with Bitpay to process the Bitcoin transaction.


You can even spend your Bitcoins on retail. One of the biggest retailers called Overstock have been accepting Bitcoin since January 2014. This company sells many items ranging from furniture to clothes. In addition to this, they also accept other digital currencies as well such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and more.

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