Best 10 Popular TV Shows Mentioning Bitcoin

Bitcoin has made some unexpected TV appearances over the years, appearing in some of our favourite mainstream shows and sitcoms.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 TV shows featuring Bitcoin.

1. The Big Bang Theory – The Bitcoin Entanglement (2017)

Sheldon and the gang talk about how the price of Bitcoin has increased significantly and suddenly remember they mined a bunch of it back in 2010. Then follows the old story – they realise they lost track of the flash drive and their dreams of being rich disappear, as usual.

2. Silicon Valley (2018) – Gilfoyle Crypto Powerpoint

The show features a PowerPoint presentation by Gilfoyle about cryptocurrencies. Outlining that Bitcoin was the first to crypto, it paved the way for more to come (just as Myspace did for Facebook and Twitter). “Crypto is out there and it’s not going away”. The plot leads to an ICO, thus welcoming PiedPiperCoin into the world of fictional digital assets.

3. The Good Wife – Bitcoin Commercial (2012)

The Good Wife watches an explainer video on the introduction of Bitcoin as digital money. Explained Bitcoin as “You can buy it from currency traders online or you can mine it like gold. One Bitcoin’s worth $3, it used to be $33”.

4. The Simpsons (2013) – Crusty The Clown on Bitcoin

Crusty the Clown breaks it down to Lisa, that he’s broke due to some “bad luck at the ponies” and the worst luck in the Bitcoin market. I wonder what crusty was trading back in 2013.

5. Crypto (2019) – The Movie

Kurt Russell stars in the movie Crypto as a father to AML (anti-money laundering) officer, played by Beau Knapp. Throw in some Russian Mafia and tens of millions in anonymous Bitcoin transactions and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster worth watching.

6. Billions (2018) – Crypto Profits

Axe from the popular show HBO Billions, hides his secret Wall Street trading profits in crypto on a Ledger USB stick. He was “Paid in crypto, of course”.

7. Family Guy (2017) – Bitcoin Mention

After a family prayer to God, asking to help save them from being poor, Peter has a brainwave: “Bitcoin!”.

8. House of Cards (2014) – Bitcoin Mention

The hidden internet – where you can go to find anything and everything including “Bitcoin laundering”.

9. Mr. Robot (2016) – Bitcoin Mention

The Ecorp villians from the Mr Robot series discuss making their own digital currency called Ecoin. They explain: “The problem here is hard cash is fading… rapidly. That’s just the way of the world right now and Bitcoin is spreading and if Bitcoin takes over we are all in a world of hell”.

10. Jeopardy (2013) – Definition of Bitcoin

Question: “A digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank?” Answer: “What is a Bitcoin!

That’s our round up of the best TV shows mentioning so far!? What’s your favourite? leave a comment in the Twitter thread.

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