GIFcoin Sells Out Stage 2 and Inches Its Way Closer to the Soft Cap

April 04, 2018, 6:53 PM AEST - 3 years ago

GIFcoin, the first Gambling Investment Fund worldwide, just sold out its Stage 2. After successfully selling the tokens designated for the Private Sale, Stage1, and Stage2, GIFcoin is now currently in Stage 3 during which investors can take advantage of a solid 30%.

You cannot afford to not participate in Stage 3, especially given the current bearish crypto market. While others are being fearful, there has never been a better time to swap fiat for crypto, and invest in ICOs.

And despite the fact that many ICOs claim to be different, GIFcoin just does it right, with its ultra-transparent team, doing live updates every week, constantly asking for feedback from its investors, and already working on the roadmap before the ICO has even finished.

GIFcoin Leverages on the Gambling Industry’s Colossal Profits

With revenues of more than $500 billion in 2017, online gambling is in the TOP 3 most lucrative businesses.

GIFcoin gives you the unique opportunity to get your investor hands on these humongous profits. The ICO raises capital for the online betting website VitalBet, which is already working and generating money.

With 20,000+ active users in more than 20 countries, VitalBet’s profits in 2017 were already in the millions.

Owners of GIF tokens will benefit not only from the potential increased value of the token. They’ll also derive benefit from their own share of the 80% of the bookie’s annual net profits.

While some might deem that as too generous, GIFcoin knows the potential of long-term mutual growth, and for that it incepted its ICO – to really revolutionize the market.

GIFcoin Details

  • Token Distribution: 300,000,000 GIF
    • Private Sale – 10,000,000 GIF – SOLD OUT
    • Stage 1 – 6,400,000 GIF – SOLD OUT
    • Stage 2 – 7,000,000 GIF – SOLD OUT
    • Stage 3 – 7,800,000 GIF with a 30% Bonus
    • Stage 4 – 8,400,000 GIF with a 20% Bonus
    • Stage 5 – 92,400,000 GIF with a 15% Bonus
    • Stage 6 – 77,000,000 GIF with a 10% Bonus
    • Stage 7 – 61,000,000 GIF with NO Bonus
  • Accepted Payment Methods – ETH, BTC, LTC
  • FIAT payments – not accepted
  • Minimum investment during Stages 1-5 – 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC, 2 LTC
  • Soft Cap – 5,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap – 24,000 ETH

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Lite Paper:

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