Exodus Wallet Enables Sports Betting with USDC Using Polygon Blockchain

December 22, 2021, 10:30 AM AEST - 7 months ago

Blockchain, cryptos and smart contracts are changing the world as we know it, and now have moved into the world of esports, particularly online betting. A recent example is cryptocurrency wallet Exodus integrating with SportX, an online sports and cryptos betting platform, to allow its users to wager on esports games on the Polygon network.

Exodus Gets Into Esports

Exodus is a wallet that helps individuals control their wealth independent of old banking models and free from institutional control. Integration with SportX gives its users the ability to wager on esports games via smart contracts executed on the Polygon network.

The newly announced partnership gives Exodus’s one million-plus users access to SportX’s decentralised betting exchange, where users can wager on a wide array of sports and esports games using cryptos. The minimum bet allowed is US$5, denominated in USD Coin (USDC), which can be directly sent to the Exodus wallet or exchanged from any of the 138 cryptos it supports.

As it stands, SportX is authorised for use in South America, Canada, most European countries excluding France and the Netherlands, and throughout most of Asia.

SportX Also Allows Betting on Crypto Prices

SportX allows users to bet on the outcomes of their favourite sports, esports and also on crypto prices, bringing cryptocurrencies and betting together with the use of smart contract protocols. This capability ensures users’ funds are protected and payouts are guaranteed on time using the Polygon network. The platform also gives players the option to bet on future price fluctuations of major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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