DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces Release of TestNet 2.0

August 11, 2019, 1:14 PM AEST - 2 years ago

Media Release August 2019: The highly anticipated blockchain startup DAO.Casino disrupting the gambling industry is set to deliver another groundbreaking agenda as it launches the TestNet 2.0.

New updates will come up with improved features and functions in the governance model, which also includes dynamic validator allocation and devoted mechanism of vote staking.

Now users who are interested in taking part in the testing process of DAO.Casino Blockchain can do so either as Delegator or Validator. Additionally, users are also given access to create accounts, submit tokens, stake against the resources of Blockchain and cast vote for the nodes of validators. Another advanced feature of DAO.Casino Blockchain is the opportunity given to the users regarding participation in the block production process. Users are now also capable of becoming a validator node in order to earn rewards of test token. More innovative features have also been introduced in the updated version to support users and help them get a better understanding of BlockChain concepts. We are also looking forward to prepare our users for the launch of MainNet.

New Features

TestNet 2.0 is an improved version of TestNet 1.0. TestNet 2.0 will provide the same features of TestNet 1.0 with some additional and improved features to expand overall functionality and performance of Blockchain. Read the following points for more information about the advanced features of TestNet 2.0. 

  • The staking type of resources 'votes' are also utilized for the validator voting in combination with bandwidth and traditional CPU. 
  • Total stake amount influencing the dynamic number of validator nodes (from 21 up to 100);
  • To make other accounts the resources sponsorship is required to facilitate the process of resources reservation and transaction between user accounts. It will support new onboard users to perform certain actions on Blockchain without been required to deposit initial token.

Getting Started

Considering the potential and interest of users for the DAO.Casino TestNet 2.0 the team will be releasing complete series of guides on how to initiate the testing process and how to create validator node. 

Tutorial for validators

Tutorial for delegators

Becoming a part of the DAO.Casino Blockchain is now easier as the step to step guide is now available for users. Follow up these steps and become a part of this groundbreaking game-changer. 

1) Reading the blog posts. 
By reading blog posts, users can get information about the vision and key functionalities of the DAO.Casino Blockchain.     

2) Next, join the Telegram Chat Room as validators.
 In the chat room users may discuss everything and ask questions to the expert to grab the latest information about DAO.Casino Blockchain.

3) The last step is to get comprehensive information about the role of validator and benefits: 

  1. For more information, special requirement or to share feedback users can contact the DAO.Casino Blockchain team directly on telegram @daosasha or @unlimion or via email [email protected]. The service providers are readily available and will welcome any queries as they intend to clarify any details and also schedule a meeting or call.
  1. Lastly, users must own at least 0.2% BET from the available supply in order to get started. The link to find available marketers is provided here.

Looking Ahead

The DAO.Casino team is currently working on further improvements and advancement of features in the coming future. The availability of TestNet 2.0 for the worker will improve the anticipated main launch as well as the development of DAO Casino Blockchain.

Upcoming developments will allow users to login and manage their resources in the ecosystem.

For information, inquiry or feedback, visit www.dao.casino

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @unlimion or @daosasha
Support Telegram Chat: https://t.me/daocasino
DAO Glossary: https://docs.dao.casino
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/daocasino

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