CXC Next Generation Public Blockchain Integrated with Deflation System

July 16, 2019, 7:10 PM AEST - 2 years ago

PRESS RELEASE: At 10 pm Beijing time on July 4, 2019, CXC Dapp was officially available.

Only 24 hours after its online, it attracted the 660BTC into the collision pool. So far, the Super 870BTC has participated in the collision, and the market response is obvious!

Just as everyone was surprised at CXC's ability to attract "golden bitcoin", the major exchanges were also impatient, and they all declared: "World premiere, online CXC!"

BiKi, ZT, CEO, Bitnoah, Bision and other exchanges are vying to become the first batch online CXC exchanges, and some exchanges that are thinking about their prospect are forced to go online CXC, such as: LBank, Bitgogo and so on.

What makes CXC excessively popular, and favored by many? The reason can be analyzed from the following aspects.

Management of others must first manage themselves, CXC project has gained common understanding of users

On the evening of July 5th, a blockchain research group composed of multinational geeks published an open letter to the world in deep net. The content of the letter expresses the love for life, the thinking about the world, and the determination of the building of a civilized order for the society has caused heated discussion among the users.

After the deep understanding, people will find that CXC's excellent technical ability has brought a benchmark effect to the current blockchain field. CXC attaches great importance to technology, focuses on application, and strives for the general public, which makes CXC a project that everyone can participate and pay off.

After the online of CXC, cross-chain wallets, distributed cross-chain transactions, and ecological DAPP were all opened. In order to quickly lay out the ecology and realize the application, CXC can catch up with millions of TPS through sharding technology. At the same time, actively open the interface, improve the technology, provide various consensus mechanisms, 150 APIs, realize the three-step cochain, allow more dapp access, gather the power of global developers, quickly distribute the global market, create a multi-domain and the ecology of the whole industry. In the future, CXC is not only the foundation of ecology, but also the effective rules and norms of ecology, regulating ecological rules and creating a soil environment suitable for commercial development.

CXC's grand vision and excellent technology have resonated with the majority of users, and have attracted a large number of believers. Even fanatics believe that this is the second coming of Nakamoto.

VDS "lessons from previous failure", traffic is the paramount principle

In 2019, with the development of various industries in the blockchain, the exchanges entered the "thousand-team battle", users and traffic became the top priority of exchange competition, and good projects became the sought-after resources of major exchanges.

The price of VDS is 0.3 US dollars, and the highest is about 13 US dollars, which is more than 40 times. In the myth that VDS rose 40 times, the coin circle triggered a "resonance fever." As the first exchange to launch VDS, the CEO exchange has undoubtedly obtained the biggest profit. In just two months, hundreds of thousands of new users have ushered in, and the heat ranking has risen sharply.

Therefore, CXC, which has its own chain marketing system, has attracted the attention of users and major exchanges. Compared with VDS, CXC's ecological application is more perfect and its technical indicators are more perfect. Behind these are huge users and traffic.

Eco-construction, making money with enjoyment

This is a true portrayal of the majority of the contemporary people who live happily, despite working very hard. Therefore, CXC hopes to establish a public chain of global trust, and everyone, every unit and social group can participate, so that trust can be replaced by a chain, and the true trust foundation can be built together.

In this public chain, users will get a considerable profit in participating in ecological construction. The most intuitive example is that CXC tokens will make everyone crazy before their entering into the exchange. According to the latest field data, at present, CXC tokens have been hyped to one yuan out of 25 yuan. For those users who participated in the conflict early, there are 3-4 profits. For the exchange of online CXC tokens, CXC will provide 10,000 CXCs directly. In addition, as prices continue to rise, CXC's own mining value-added system design will bring higher and higher returns.

More importantly, compared to most of the chain sales projects on the market, the CXC ecosystem is built by everyone. Therefore, there is no deviation from the project side or changes in project rules. Why not get such a far-sighted project and get huge profits?

Lev Tolstoy once said: " Everything that unites people is good and beautiful. What makes people split is evil and ugliness." Blockchain technology is quietly changing our world. It uses anti-human nature algorithms and brings us to the consensus to create a world we all look forward to. Now, CXC has joined the ranks, and CXC expects more and more people to join us in the future.

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