Crypto Billionaire’s LUNA Tattoo Reminds Him to be Humble in Investing

May 21, 2022, 11:00 AM AEST (updated May 23, 2022)

Galaxy Digital CEO and crypto billionaire Mike Novogratz broke silence on his Terra-LUNA-inspired tattoo a week since the cryptocurrency experienced one of the biggest crashes in DeFi history.

‘A Big Idea That Failed’

After TerraUSD de-pegged from the US dollar – dropping all the way down to nearly zero and dragging its sister coin LUNA with it – Novogratz issued an open letter to his followers, saying: “My tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of [the fact] that venture investing requires humility.”

Novogratz got his LUNA tattoo on January 4, officially declaring himself a “Lunatic” to his 450k followers on Twitter:

A Bitter Learning Experience

In the letter, Novogratz also said the crypto community would learn from these events and mistakes and will focus on building better decentralised infrastructure in future:

Crypto is not going away. The amount of human capital moving into the space isn’t slowing down. The focus on building decentralised infrastructure that allows value and ownership to flow as freely as information on the internet isn’t slowing down

Mike Novogratz, CEO, Galaxy Digital

Many Australians were also bullish on LUNA, as revealed in a Finder survey from March in which 36 fintech specialists expressed their belief that the currency would climb to US$390 by 2025.

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