CoinPoker ICO launches Friday: a game changer for online gaming

January 17, 2018, 7:15 AM AEST - 4 years ago

Tuesday 16 January: has revealed there will be less than one third of its token allocation left when its ICO starts at 10am (GMT) Friday, 19 January.

The cryptocurrency-based online poker platform will have fewer than 165 million tokens available, after interest in the pre-sale significantly exceeded expectations.

Poker legend and CoinPoker advisor Tony G said the platform will revolutionise online poker, with Blockchain technology giving players confidence in the security of the game.

“CoinPoker is the platform that all poker players around the world have been waiting for. It offers immediate, transparent and secure transactions from every corner of the globe,” said CoinPoker Advisor Tony G.

CoinPoker is well advanced in the development of its Blockchain poker application, with more than 20,000 software downloads and more than 30,000 unique users registering on its website.

CoinPoker has developed an ‘in-game’ cryptocurrency called CHP. 100 million CHPs were sold in just six days during the pre-ICO in November.

“CoinPoker is the first platform using the CHP token, but it is possible that CHPs could become the valuable utility token for use in the entire emerging crypto gaming industry, as well as other projects,” said professional crypto investor Sonic Zhang.

CHPs can be purchased during Stage I of the ICO for 4,200 CHPs = 1 ETH. Once the allocation is exhausted, Stage II will commence with 3,500 CHPs = 1 ETH.

The ICO will close on January 26, unless all tokens are sold prior.

CoinPoker has incorporated feedback from the gaming community during the development of its app. to ensure the platform is designed to suite the needs of competitive poker players.

The app. has also been stress tested for security to ensure the integrity of the software.

“CoinPoker has cracked down on people using multiple accounts,” said CoinPoker’s Head of Security Michael Josem.

“We closed a number of accounts that were being used by the same people, and that is just the start of the measures we are taking in order to reduce the risk of cheating.”

CoinPoker has a roadmap for engaging the online gaming community and is planning a number of opening tournaments, the last of which on the 21st of January, will giveaway a Tesla S as a grand prize.

CoinPoker has consulted with a string of high profile Blockchain and poker advisors in the development of the platform and the ICO including, DigitalX and Asian crypto investment fund Valuenet Capital.

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