Bit-Markets’ Revolutionary Cryptocurrency CFD Trading Education Program

April 20, 2021, 9:29 AM AEST - 9 months ago

5 ways it will change the way you trade.

What is CFD?

CFD (Contracts for Difference) platforms offer traders an opportunity to enter into an agreement to either pay in or be paid out based on any price difference that occurs between the opening and closing of a trade, rather than purchasing the actual asset itself. CFD has gained massive popularity in the trading community over the last ten years, due to its unique capacity for traders to potentially benefit from both the rising and falling of stock, commodity, and cryptocurrency asset values.

Partnering with a trading platform, like Bit-Market, gives you access to all the added benefits like added bonuses on deposits, increased trading opportunities, high transaction speed, a stop-loss system, and the ability to leverage your trades. Albeit, the most exciting benefit that Bit-Market offers is its revolutionary education program. By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of what that program offers.

5 ways the Bit-Market education portal makes you a better trader.

1. An improved understanding of how their platform works.

Trading can be stressful enough without a cumbersome website and trading platform. Bit-Market has built a user-friendly website as well as a simple trading platform. Aside from this, they offer over-the-phone and online education programs that will help you understand how to use them.

2. An improved understanding of market analysis.

Analyzing the crypto market is primarily made up of three pillars:

Fundamental analysis.*1
How world news affects the current price fluctuation of crypto assets.

Technical Analysis*2
Fluctuations in asset values are displayed on a chart, populated by candlestick indicators.

Sentimental analysis.*3
Somewhat a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. It describes the common feeling of which direction the market is moving, which is generally referred to as “bullish”, or “bearish”.

Let’s look at an example that affected all three pillars earlier in 2021.
Tesla buys $1.5B in bitcoin, plans to accept it as payment.

The news*1 caused a 17% spike in the Bitcoin price*2, giving Bitcoin another boost in bullish investor confidence.*3

One’s ability to keep a tight grip on what the current state of affairs is in all three pillars will largely determine the success or failure of traders.
Accessing the support and knowledge of Bit-Market is an effective way of maximizing your chances of placing trades at the right time to potentially capitalize on price fluctuations.

3. A refreshed view on candlestick chart basics.

In the early stages of trading, you may find yourself flustered by the numerous indicator patterns.

– The Doji and The Spinning Top, The Hammer, and The Hanging Man.
What are they? What do they tell us? How do we capitalize on them?

You are best off taking advantage of the dedicated education and account management teams that Bit-Market offers, to master the above-mentioned indicator patterns.

The agents you will speak to spend their days behind their screens analyzing technical and fundamental indicators and give you an up-to-the-minute report on how they see the markets, together with their take on setting trade positions.

4. Guidance on placing promising trade positions.

Fully understanding all the concepts of analyzing the markets to place trades takes thousands of hours of study and practice. Accessing the professional insight from account managers and education specialists at Bit-Market gives you access to master-level skills right when you need them – RIGHT NOW!

5. Access to speedy trade signals.

Being a successful trader, ultimately, comes down to how much time you can spend analyzing the markets, how well you can predict price movements, and how often you can place successful trades on said movements. Even full-time traders have lives and responsibilities outside of trading, which limits their ability to keep tabs on market information.

Teaming up with the Bit-Market platform, which operates continuously, gives traders around-the-clock access to analysis and knowledge right before markets change direction.


CFD (Contracts for Difference) give traders the benefit of both the rising and falling of stock, commodity and cryptocurrency asset values.

The Bit-Market education portal will make you a better trader by; improving your understanding of their platform, giving you a deeper understanding of market analysis, a refreshed look at candlestick chart basics, access to speedy trade signals, and confidence to place a promising trade position.

While the volatility of the crypto market opens up a huge number of trading opportunities, traders need to protect their committed funds from drastic fluctuations.
The most effective strategy to do this is to partner up with a trading platform that offers a user-friendly platform, trading education, and on-demand support.

Bit-Market has just released an outstanding education program, facilitated by professional education specialists while dedicated account managers assist you every step of your CFD trading journey. “An investment in education has the greatest return”
– Benjamin Franklin

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