Australian Startup MetaMorph Has Launched a Legally-Approved Cryptocurrency Token Creation Platform With NXT

July 04, 2019, 3:25 PM AEST - 2 years ago

Blockchain startups in Australia and [around the world] can now launch smart contract tokens with zero development costs 

Australia — The MetaMorph Token Creation Platform makes it possible for users to disburse and deploy ERC-20 utility tokens onto the Ethereum blockchain, under a new legal framework provided by NXT.Legal.

CEO & Founder of MetaMorph Daniel Lew says, "The platform aims to lower the threshold to cryptocurrencies by facilitating the creation of legally-approved utility and security tokens".

Blockchain technology is on a clear path to maturity, yet the technology is not regulated. MetaMorph is making fast strides enabling decentralised regulated technology. The new R-METM token standard is an important step for the industry.

The new R-METM token contract standard was created by the MetaMorph team and can be deployed via the token creation platform. During deployment a regulator/relevant licence holder/compliance officer is assigned to the token contract in accordance with the traditional regulated asset it represents.

NXT.Legal are providing legal and compliance consulting to enable MetaMorph and the Regulated token creation platform to allow traditional regulated assets to trade on the platform via Regulated-METM, the new regulated token standard. MetaMorph intends to help regulators see compliance happen in real time with this new standard, something that is difficult to do today with these emerging technologies.

Use cases for utility tokens include access tokens which gives the holder the right to enter and use the services in a specific ecosystem, verifiable voting rights, transparent fundraising and many more.

Companies considering token creation can also apply for a legal opinion regarding the nature of the token from NXT Legal & Compliance (NXT:Legal), a leading FinTech and RegTech legal firm based in Australia.

This is the ideal solution for businesses looking to create a regulated cryptocurrency security token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Tokens are eligible for listing on the MetaMorph Pro decentralised exchange against the METM, wETH and wBTC pairs. 

The new MetaMorph R-METM token standard (Regulated-METM) will more than suffice for any need, regardless of the scope of the project or business. The new token standard aims to smoothen the process for regulators who participate in different regulatory environments to ensure compliance, full details can be viewed on the R-METM standard whitepaper.

Business owners simply have to choose the name and ticker symbol during the process and the token will then be reserved and registered on the Ethereum blockchain while the legal team takes over and contacts the business regarding its specific needs, before the token is disbursed.

Use cases for security tokens include representation of traditional assets such as equity, derivatives, debt and real estate as well as other assets that classify as a security and which are subject to regulation under security laws.

MetaMorph work closely with NXT.Legal, who facilitates the off-chain legal processes affiliated with issuing a fully securities compliant and regulated cryptocurrency token to investors.

Regulators from all spaces will soon be able to oversee and apply AML/KYC standards to market participants in the ecosystem. The new token standard will give functionality to regulators and compliance offices to start and stop trades according to the regulations and jurisdiction they are operating in.

The MetaMorph Regulated METM Token Standard (R-METM) is live at along with with full details of this new ecosystem of compliance supported by NXT.Legal & Compliance PTY LTD.

About Metamorph Pro Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Gold Coast, Australia, is a decentralized all-in-one platform to trade, exchange, manage and now create cryptocurrencies. Originally launched in early 2018 with a ShapeShift style of integration for simple currency exchange, the Metamorph.Pro platform is built on the 0x Protocol allowing trustless peer-to-peer transactions, via a familiar and user-friendly trading interface. 


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