Australian ‘Legalise Cannabis Party’ Turns to BTC for Support

May 07, 2022, 10:05 AM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Historically, commercial and political organisations associated with cannabis have found themselves debanked or otherwise denied financial services. Bitcoin fixes this, which presumably is one of the reasons Australia’s Legalise Cannabis Party (LCP) has turned to it for support in the current federal election campaign.

LCP on a Clear Mission

One of the clear benefits of a single-issue political party is its focus and transparency. The LCP is one such example whose priority is unequivocal – for the law to be amended so cannabis is treated like alcohol and tobacco.

LCP policy points. Source:

According to its website, the LCP encourages the reader to consider the “Grape Theory”:

Treat Cannabis like grapes, grow as many grapes as you want, no licence, make as many of those grapes as you want into wine, no licence, share that wine with your friends and family, no licence, HOWEVER the moment you want to sell some of that wine you require a licence, show quality control and safety for human consumption, and pay the appropriate fees.

Legalise Cannabis Party, LCP website

Tyler Green, the aptly named representative for South Australia, commented:

It’s time to align with other jurisdictions that are enjoying the fruits of this ‘budding’ industry.

Tyler Green, LCSA representative

Bitcoin Enters Politics

In an effort to drive the party forward, the LCP has asked supporters to donate BTC:

According to Tyler Green, the LCP’s hallmark features are “freedom of determination, freedom of choice and bodily autonomy”. To that extent, its ethos would appear to align with Bitcoin, which above all represents individual sovereignty and freedom.

Aside from a political party turning to Bitcoin for donations, we’re increasingly seeing it become a single issue for voters. By some estimates, there are 40 million BTC holders in the US alone. With such powerful incentives in place, it wouldn’t be surprising to see increased numbers of political candidates being forced to take a position on Bitcoin, one way or another.

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