Australia to Host the Worlds First Live Cryptocurrency Property Auction

March 18, 2019, 11:41 AM AEST - 2 years ago

Australia to Host the Worlds First Live Cryptocurrency Property Auction Left to right - Greg Costello President & COO NuYen, James Pratt auctioneer, Ryan Lee Vice President NuYen, Nick Witheriff LJ hooker.

A collaboration effort by Real Estate giant LJ Hooker, auctioneer James Pratt and Blockchain company Nu¥en will facilitate the Worlds First Live Cryptocurrency Property Auction online bidding for the property at 1 Beech Lane, Casuarina, New South Wales. Nu¥en is paving the way for borderless property transactions where the world can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Binance Coin to purchase luxury assets.

When: April 8, 2019 at 11am AEST
Watch online: Live auctioneer - can be viewed online for free, the link will appear here soon.
Participate in bidding: Register at James Pratt Auctions at [email protected]

It was recently annouced on YouTube and tweeted by Binance CEO, CZ who showed some humour when the window got changed to the Binance Coin logo.

Property Auction Binance Coin

Video for the auction

Some Q&A about the Auction

Q. Why are you choosing to sell your house this way?

I strongly believe this is the way of the future for property sales. We live in a digital world and it is only common sense to pull down the walls for international buyers.

Q. How will the auction work?

  • We are using a LIVE auctioneer from the property
  • Viewers are able to login and watch the LIVE auction take place
  • The auctioneer is calling bids in cryptocurrency to be converted and displayed in AUD & USD on a LIVE screen
  • Taking payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB)
  • The first cryptocurrency house auction in Australia

Q. Why has BNB been chosen as a payment method?

BNB is one token of only a few that has weathered the crypto winter and bucked the downward trends. BNB is also growing in global use.

Q. How much interest do you expect there will be?

We have already had parties register for the auction in less than 5 days of it being released. There has also been a lot of international interest and publicity. I expect to see this grow and grow as it gets closer to the 8th of April. It already is extremely exciting and am looking forward to the climax.

Q. Have you had any interest yet? Where from?

Yes international US, Canada, China and Australia to date.

Q. Do you see this as being the way of the future? Why?

Yes, all signs point to a borderless system where digital assets are traded for real assets. With so many forms of social media and companies like Amazon leading the way in international sales why should anyone selling a property or any item be restricted to only buyers within the local area. Amazon has proven this point and its about time other industries follow suit or be left behind.

Q. What do you plan to do with the Cryptocurrency?

Some of the coins will have to be liquidated to release the mortgage but the rest will be held tight for future gains.

Some photos of the property being sold.

Australia to Host the Worlds First Live Cryptocurrency Property Auction

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