Australia’s First Immersive CryptoArt Festival

January 14, 2021, 4:00 PM AEST - 1 year ago

Paddington Hall will be transformed into a celebration of digital art and music with a three-day, multi-sensory walk-through experience featuring 20 of the world’s top digital artists.

Future Art is Australia’s first immersive Cryptoart Festival, and will combine HD projections, digital display frames and interactive VR to highlight the rare digital art space, which is redefining art ownership with the use of blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What Is Cryptoart?

If an artist creates a piece of digital art, such as an animated gif or a movie, they can sell it using blockchain technology. A digital token is used that has all the information of the digital art store within its metadata. It brings with it scarcity and value into the digital art world. Future Art curator Sats Moon says:

“Two or three years ago, if you created something on your iPad or phone, people could take a photo of that or copy a jpeg and there’d be millions all over the world. There was no value attached to digital art. The crypto ethos is ruled by blockchain technology – the artists get paid a royalty directly into their currency wallet whenever their art is bought and sold. It’s baked into the technology.”

How Does It Work?

The artist uploads their artwork to a digital gallery, such as SuperRare or Rairible. A transaction is created in the Ethereum blockchain, moving a token associated with the artwork to the crypto wallet of the artist who created the piece. The transaction is digitally signed to prove authenticity.

The artwork is them uploaded onto the system. When it is sold, another transaction is issued and the token is moved to the wallet of the buyer.


Future Art runs from January 15 to 17 at Paddington Town Hall. Buy tickets here.

The show will also include keynote presentations from leading VR and AR artists ‘Giant Swan’ and ‘Marc O Matic’, who will be painting live sculptures while interaction with the audience.

Future Art – Marc O Matic from Sats Moon on Vimeo.

Friday 15 January 2021
Future Art Launch Party, inc live performances by Dave Goode + Murat Kilic + The Planetts + butters
“AAA – Access All Art”
7pm – 11pm
Tickets: $50 + BF (includes admission)

Saturday 16 January 2021
Keynote VR/AR Presentations
Giant Swan (Australia)
Marc O Matic (Australia)|7-10pm
Tickets $50 + BF (includes admission)
Music by Reckless Republic+ Dave Goode + Murat Kilic + The Planetts + butters

Sunday 17 January 2021
GA General Admission – 12pm- 6pm – $25+BF

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