Australia based Jinance introduces one of the most affordable and hi-tech trading platforms in Australia

December 20, 2018, 5:45 PM AEST - 3 years ago

Trading crypto-tokens and AUD are never been more affordable and secure. Cutting-edge technology, multi-level security and offline vaults finally bring peace of mind.

Where to buy and how to trade? Many people have raised similar questions. We understand your concerns and we have designed Australian's hi-tech crypto exchange with sophisticated solutions to ensure smooth transactions, safe storage, approachable local customer support, and we reward your hard efforts by sharing our trading fees through our membership program.

Our technology enables the platform to have multi-levels of protection and security. It features high availability, cold wallet, separate vault system without revealing any password to anyone. In addition, data are encrypted to protect our customer's privacy.

From our research, it is very clear to us that affordability, trust and user experience are major concerns for traders when choosing an exchange. So, we have decided that low trading fees and flexibility will have to be integrated somehow in our offer, and this is why we have come up with a membership structure designed to provide traders with the lowest possible fees and best value based on their respective trading needs. Regardless of whether traders are new or experienced, our membership options can help any trader get the most out of their crypto trading experience with peace of mind.

Your experience on Jinance is so important to us. That's why the platform is designed to deliver a highly responsive and clear interface. Whether you are checking the latest news or pair prices, placing your trades, drawing trend lines or checking your balance, on Jinance, formerly known as String Exchange this becomes a breeze - simple and easy to use.

We are a team of passionate Fintech enthusiasts based in Melbourne, Australia. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, and everything we do is to enrich the Fintech community and reward our members. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions, and through Jinance's effective support system, we are always with you.

Coming our rewards program! Next week our members will have the chances to be rewarded with up to 20% of their referrals' trading fees during the membership period. Stay tuned.

About Jinance

At Jinance, our vision is to bring cryptocurrency to interested users and empower businesses by expertly utilising the exciting world of blockchain technology. We truly believe in the blockchain technology that underpins the entire cryptocurrency industry. This new and disruptive technology effectively reduces the transaction costs within a myriad of industries by diminishing the necessity of intermediaries.

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