Alibabacoin is now listed on 9 major exchanges worldwide, making it convenient for the users to trade

October 10, 2018, 6:51 PM AEST - 3 years ago

Alibabacoin is now listed on 9 major exchanges worldwide, making it convenient for the users to trade

Alibabacoin Foundation is super excited to announce that their native currency ABBC coin is now listed on 9 major exchanges from around the world. Paul Philip, the CEO of Alibabacoin Foundation, along with his team members have constantly worked towards listing the ABBC coin on exchanges worldwide so that they can engage more users and enable people to trade in the ABBC coins conveniently. ABBC coin is now listed on Bitforex, Coinsuper, Coinbene, Ooobtc, Dragonex, Idax, Topbtc, Rightbtc and Sistemkoin. All the community members, users and customers of Alibabacoin Foundation can now start trading on any of the exchanges listed above. The users will be able to withdraw their funds from October 10th.

Alibabacoin has made sure that users from various countries should get the opportunity to trade in the promising ABBC. All of the exchanges are chosen based on their ease of use, security and robust presence in the market. Bitforex, headquartered in Singapore has its offices in various other countries, with thousands of users in over 186 countries. Coinbene, Ooobtc, and Dragonex are also situated in Singapore and offer a user-friendly, secure and convenient digital asset trading platform for the users. ABBC has spread its wings to other countries as well, with exchanges like Sistemkoin in Turkey, Coinsuper in Hongkong, Topbtc in Australia, Idax in Mongolia and Rightbtc in Dubai. All of these exchanges use advanced security protocols to prevent user’s funds and information, along with multi-signature wallets and convenient user-interface.

“We have successfully listed our ABBC on nine top exchanges around the globe. Our team and I, are really excited to achieve this benchmark as this will help us to expand our user base in more countries. We invite users from different countries to take advantage of this opportunity and use the exchanges to trade in the ABBC”, says Paul Philip, the CEO, and Founder of Alibabacoin Foundation.

In addition to the recent listing of the ABBC coin on top exchanges, Alibabacoin has also announced that ABBC coin can now be used on the major online shopping portals worldwide. The users will be able to pay using ABBC in 30 most popular shopping websites including eBay, and Amazon. The company is also planning to come up with their own online shopping portal and marketplace for a variety of products and service by the end of 2018.

The Alibabacoin holders will immensely benefit from this as they’ll not only able to trade on multiple exchanges but also use the coin on online shopping websites. The slowed down crypto market and reduced prices of the digital currency also give an opportunity to the users to trade in the ABBC, which is a part of the constantly growing community.

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