A lottery where every ticket wins? Fact or too good to be true?

July 04, 2019, 3:12 PM AEST - 2 years ago

It is getting loud in the crypto gambling world.

MyCryptoJackpot has set itself the task to revolutionize the "crypto-gambling". The online
gaming platform, which compensates their players in Bitcoin, is launched with a
sophisticated lottery. Hence the name MyCryptoJackpot.

It's all about the Golden Ticket, which you can pick with a tad of luck and even win a big

But that's not all. Each ticket should contain a price and reimburse the lottery player.
How it should work? We took a closer look.

MyCryptoJackpot launches regular lottery draws where the players can buy any number of
tickets. The draw will take place as soon as all tickets have been sold out.

With a little bit of luck you will be one of the big winners. Even if this is not the case, you
get a small consolation prize as "compensation". Although this prize is not as high as the
actual ticket price was, but still makes you happy since you did get something which
distinguishes MyCryptoJackpot from ordinary lotteries.

In a draw, there are a total of 4 winner groups. The higher the group the less winners will
be drawn. Finally, in the last group only one player is drawn who also wins the big Jackpot.
This Jackpot itself is 20% of the total pot.

That leaves the gamblers' hearts beat higher, considering that in a common lottery not
even half of the pot is distributed to the players.

With MyCryptoJackpot it is a whole 80% wich goes back to the players. The profits vary
between the size of the different draws . Wich means MyCryptoJackpot provides various
Bitcoin lottery draws with different sized jackpots.

A very well thought-out system that MyCryptoJackpot launches to the crypto-gambling
community. We are looking forward to the next games and look forward to the next great

Right now MyCryptoJackpot has a free ticket promotion. The first 1,000 registered players
get a free ticket. Due to the fact that every tickt wins, you get free money.
The first free ticket draw starts at July 7th! So be quick and get one of the 1,000 free

Register now and get a free Ticket: https://mycryptojackpot.com

See all the advantages of MyCryptoJackpot in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?%20v=RcFpq_tSGDU">v=RcFpq_tSGDU

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