Five New NFT Meme Avatar Projects Launching Soon

November 17, 2021, 10:30 AM AEST - 1 week ago

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to boom in the crypto industry, many new projects are coming to fruition on a daily basis. One of the main emergent uses for NFTs is as digital avatars for people in the crypto space, with some of those doubling up for use in NFT games.

With memecoins pervading the air, communities ranging from doge lovers to meme lords have invested and created offerings for people interested in what they offer.

The rise of NFTs means those interested in an NFT avatar have many to choose from. Populated by such characters as Mutants, Punks, Apes and Mutant Punk Apes, the space has exploded with custom-designed avatars. People in the space want to differentiate themselves and show off their digital selves to hang as a banner labelling them as part of the crypto space. Last week, The Simpsons NFTs sold out in minutes as crypto savvy collectors rushed to buy up the digital memorabilia.

Here are five new NFT avatar projects launching soon:

Strange Turtles In District 99

Strange Turtles In District 99 is a collection of 10,000 unique turtles from a turtle planet 99 light-years away. The NFTs are randomly assembled pieces from a selection of 250 hand-drawn traits, costing 0.0799 ETH + gas fee. The owner of a Strange Turtle is given the right to fully explore the commercial possibilities of the NFT, and will also be guaranteed access and voting rights in the 99district NFT.DAO.

According to a roadmap “based on the decision of our community, a 99district play-to-earn game will be developed”, which may see release in the future. Additionally, 100 random Strange Turtles will be given to pop stars, footballers, artists and entrepreneurs around the world for them to hold or show off.

The project will also use 3.5 per cent of total sales and 50 per cent of royalties from OpenSea for ‘sweeping the floor’. Sweeping the floor is similar to a stock buyback, the term ‘sweep’ referring to buying all the NFTs listed at the current floor price to increase their value.

Lazy Bunny

The lore of the Lazy Bunnies is that they were living peacefully in their homes until a group of teenagers accidentally started a fire that burned 90 percent of their forest habitat. Now the Lazy Bunnies have moved towards cities in hope of finding loving owners and new homes.

Each trait of a Lazy Bunny is hand-drawn and the team has created only 5555 bunnies, so each and every bunny is unique. Lazy Space Bunnies cost 0.055 ETH per bunny and are avatar-style NFTs.

The project has many scheduled airdrops and community prizes lined up for NFT holders in its roadmap. Once 50 per cent of bunnies are sold, the project will set up a community wallet where 50 per cent of secondary sales will go towards a cause decided by the community.

Mutant Ether Babies

Mutant Ether Babies NFTs, otherwise known as Mebs, are a collection of 7777 unique species created from the mutation of cat and ape DNA, living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Owning a Meb will serve as a pass to play the Mebs Subway Game, and by playing Meb gamers will be rewarded in NFTs. The project also plans to buy land in the metaverse to build a Mebs island where Mebs holders can meet up. Each Mebs holder will be airdropped a 3D version of their Mebs, which will be used in the Metaverse – or Mebverse.

There are four levels in the minting process, and when each one is reached the project enacts a giveaway and a buyback to raise the floor level. Once 100 percent of the supply is minted, 30 ETH will be allocated toward three charities (10 ETH each) plus 20 ETH buyback to raise floor level.

United Toads

United Toads is an NFT project that makes toad-themed original artworks in the form of an avatar or profile picture. The avatar will also be available for use in a game that’s currently in the works. Any community member who holds on to their NFTs while the project moves through its roadmap is eligible for airdrops and future events.

According to the roadmap, when 50 percent of the 4,999 supply is bought up, a donation will be made to a #savethetoads foundation to stop deforestation in the Amazon, and on reaching 100 percent the team will bring on game development in phase 2.0.

Sovereign Degens

Sovereign Degens is an on-chain adventure that starts after getting your Sovereign Degens and affirming your membership. Over ensuing weeks, players uncover plots, community-driven story arcs, and airdrop challenges. The story arc will play out in a quest format and take players around the world, where they will advance as they solve quests while navigating multiple realms.

Sovereign Degens

In January, the project unveil the opening act to the Sovereign Degens universe, and reveal the Genesis NFT (aka Season 1 NFT). Season 2 and 3 are currently in development.

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