26% Of Aussies are Trading in Cryptocurrency – Nine News Report

May 04, 2021, 4:00 PM AEST (updated May 17, 2021)

A recent report by Nine News claims as much as 26% of Aussies are trading cryptocurrencies.

“Ca$h is King” has been replaced with “Bitcoin is King”, as more and more average people jump on to ride the new wave of digital gold and seek financial freedom.

60 Minutes About Bitcoin by Nine News – source

Market volatility and wild fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price are proving no deterrent for newcommers looking to get into the cryptocurrency space. The industry continues to thrive, despite governments and major corporations around the world continuing their attempts to stifle the innovation of decentralised finance, through rules and regulations; with discussion of some countries even wanting to ban cryptocurrency altogether.

Aussie Crypto Entrepreneur Sergei Has Made Over $100 Million in Bitcoin

The Nine News story also covers Russian born Sergei Sergienko and his Bitcoin fortune. The popular Clubhouse speaker invested into Bitcoin when it was as low as $6 and has been accumulating and trading it ever since, taking his profits into the millions.

Sergei Sergienko – CEO of Chrono.tech

Aussies Interest In Cryptocurrencies Continues to Grow

The data suggests that crypto is very popular in Australia, as we reported earlier in the year that 45% of Australians invested in crypto “Because it’s going up in value” and an estimated 5 million aussies will own crypto in 2021.

Breaking new records and hitting all time highs, Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization has surpassed $2 trillion. There is now more money circulating in cryptocurrency in this quarter alone, than in the entire preceding year of 2020.

Caitlin Carey – Crypto News Guest Author

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