Just.Game Affects Overall Tron Price

Tron (TRX) has topped the chart of crypto performance after a new game was released on the Tron platform. Just.Game helped the crypto asset skyrocket and even overtake BTC as the best performing cryptocurrency at the moment.

Bitcoin had been dominant for quite a while before Tron took over, and there’s a good reason for that. The ‘digital gold’ still accounts for the majority of the crypto market cap, and no other cryptocurrency came near it when it comes to popularity. Therefore, most of the altcoins remained in the shadow of the first crypto.

However, every now and then, we have a cryptocurrency that makes a huge surge, and there’s always a good reason behind that. The crypto that had a big boost recently was TRX, the main crypto of the content-sharing platform that goes by the name of Tron.

Three-Month BTC Dominance Ends

Bitcoin topped the list of best-performing cryptocurrencies, followed by Ethereum and Ripple. In fact, ETH and XRP themselves are doing pretty well. Chances are that you already know what Ethereum is, as it is considered the second most popular crypto ever and the most serious pretender to the throne.

On the other hand, you can find out more about XRP in this Ripple coin introduction and learn about the pros and cons of this altcoin.

Nevertheless, neither Ethereum nor Ripple managed to overtake BTC. It was no other coin but Tron. Its price increased from $0.0139 to $0.0152 in less than a day. This may not look like a lot, as TRX’s price per unit is relatively low, but it’s still a 9% surge when you do the math, and that’s a huge jump for an altcoin such as Tron.

But that’s not the only good thing happening to Tron right now, as this cryptocurrency managed to get even closer to the billion-dollar market cap. At the moment, Tron is located in 11th place, just under Tezos, and is very close to reaching the top ten in market capitalisation.

As previously stated, one of the things that paved the way for this huge boost was the game called Just.Game.

What Is Just.Game?

Just game is made by team JUST, and it is a decentralised game built on the Tron platform. Once you open the introduction and start reading how the game should be played, it may sound a bit too complicated. That’s because the introduction contains many terms, such as autodecentric, that people who are not tech-savvy may not be familiar with.

However, despite AI being integrated into it, as well as the underlying blockchain technology it is based on, Just.Game is a relatively simple game. What you need to do is obtain a gift box as a new user.

Once you receive one such box, its initial value will be 0. However, other players will also buy boxes and some of the money will go straight to your box. In other words, the revenue received from boxes sold after yours will be distributed to boxes already owned by players. Note that one part of the revenue will go to the jackpot the luckiest player might win.

You can open a box (or boxes) you purchased at the price of 25 TRX and end the game. Once you open them, the total amount of money in them will double and you will get the prize. However, the real question here is of moral nature — should you open the box or keep waiting for the prize to increase? There are more options added to the game that make it really exciting yet somehow mysterious. You can find more about it here.

This article was submitted by Dylan M.